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Get your business recognized by local residents with massive exposure and precise local targeting, at a very reasonable price.

We see your ads in the newspaper and hear about your business on the radio, but just how many people are you reaching in the real world? Can either media outlet tell you EXACTLY how many people have seen or heard YOUR paid advertisement? The answer is NO, while each can claim big numbers, when it comes down to it your advertisement could simply be placed in the trash with the other unsold newspapers, or left on for a family pet to hear while no one is home…

The world is moving away from print and radio, don’t let your business be left behind using outdated advertising formats. Our fresh up to date website format encourages interactivity and repetitive visitors.

Massive Growth is relatively new, at least in its current format, but since our re-launch on June 27th 2014 our traffic and user interest has grown on a massive scale. Below is a comparison between and “another” popular Rice Lake related website:

June Stats

As you can see, in less than a month we have ultimately narrowed the traffic gap and more importantly offer a higher Time-on-site and Page views by a major margin.

We are currently running massive traffic campaigns in order to build this community, this is your chance to leverage our locally targeted traffic and drive customers to your business! Our goal is not to profit off this community, but rather connect local bushiness with local residents and bring the community structure closer together.

24/7 Live Stats

Want to see how your advertisement is doing? We offer a full tracking area for each ad placement where you can instantly see how many times your ad was shown, the click rate, and the breakdown of cost per action. Allowing you to determine if this advertising solution is the right fit for your business.

Ad Zones

We have many advertising zone options with varying prices to fit everyone’s needs, including image ads (gif, jpg, jpeg, png, swf) as well as text based ad formats. Your advertisements will be shown on multiple pages in order to get you the most exposure for your dollar.

Click the Ad Zone titles below to view availability and pricing for each zone

Ad Zone #1 – (click for prices/purchase)

Zone #1 is a 468x60px image based ad that is located at the top of every social page & and below the video player in the videos section. These ads are shown to desktop visitors.

Ad Zone #2 – (click for prices/purchase)

Zone #2 is a 300x250px image based ad that is located on the right sidebar of the social section & videos section. These ads are shown to desktop visitors.


Ad Zone #3 – (click for prices/purchase)

Zone #3 are 125x125px imaged based ads that are located in the videos section, statically placed to be shown during each video. These ads are shown to desktop visitors.

Ad Zone #4 – (click for prices/purchase)

Zone #4 is mobile optimized and is shown on every page during a mobile users session, including smartphones, and tablets. This ad is 320x50px and is statically placed at the bottom of the visitors screen.


Text Ad Zone #1 – (click for prices/purchase)

Text Ad Zone #1 is a text based advertisement that includes a link to your website and a 180 character description that you choose. This advertisement is styled to resemble other social activity and is shown on all social pages directly after the second social post.

Ad Zone #2

Ad Zone #2

If you have any questions regarding the advertising on this website or if we can assist in building your buisness brand in any way, feel free to contact us directly at